Style and Agriculture: Closer than Ever

Field farming if one of the most difficult and tiring job. Being under the heat of sun while planting and harvesting was so prostrated. It can cause eye damages, heat exhaustion, sunburns, heat rashes or worse heat stroke and skin cancers. These are the factors that threaten the health of the farmers. So, to help... Continue Reading →


Reflective Essay

Hachi: a dog's tale Hachi: a dog’s tale is a movie that catches many viewers’ heart. Not just because of its adorable main character Akita dog, Hachi, but also because of its heart breaking story. It is about a lost japanese puppy who was found by a music professor Parker Wilson. He tries to find... Continue Reading →


TRAVEL TO BOHOL     After 4 years we ride again in an airplane going to our province Bohol together with my father who hasn’t been to our province for more than 9 years.     Our arrival at the Tagbilaran Airport. The place is quite small and hasn’t changed since the last time we’ve... Continue Reading →


A Bird in the Cage   This testimonio is from my mother’s story of her life I was born in the province of Bohol. I was the fifth child of twelve. My parents are both farmers. We were living in a simple house at a top of the mountain. And as the eldest among my... Continue Reading →


BEST day? August 28, 2017, is the day that I will never forget. It was a sunny day of Monday. My mother and father had work on that day. Then my mother said that I will come with her because I  were going to buy a new tablet, together with my Ninang, that I will... Continue Reading →

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